Traces Of Red: Influenced by Madness, Squeeze, Kinks, Small Faces & Billy Joel

Formed in 1997 this dynamic duo have risen from the remains of 'Britpop' to conjure up a style of their own - reminiscent of the heyday of Madness, Traces of Red are very much in a category all of their own. Their down to earth lyrics linked with catchy tunes are instantly memorable, sometimes controversial, but incredibly likable.

With the release of their new album, , the band will embark on a new road that could take them absolutely anywhere. Which ever route they decide to take you can be assured that they will do it at their own pace, in their own style and speak for a generation of music lovers that 'just wanna have fun'.

And with your support you can be sure there will be more fantastic songs to come......


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Interview with Tracey Askem
Interview with Martin Alker
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